How long does it take you to draw a caricature?

Usually between 4 to 6 minutes each (approx. 10 to 15 per hour.) That's working with black marker, no color added, trying to fit in as many people as possible. For smaller groups, maybe 7 to 10 minutes each, using the extra time to add more detail, and maybe include the person's hobbies or interests.

What size/kind of paper do you use?

For one person, 9"x12" acid-free, brightly colored craft paper. For two people sitting together, the same paper in a 12"x18" size.

How many people can you draw on a page?

On the 12"x18" paper, I can comfortably draw two people, though three is possible. Four is not unheard of, but the Law of Diminishing Caricatures begins to kick in.

What do I need to provide?

A small table and two to three chairs is ideal. But really whatever seating is naturally available at the venue is usually fine, it's pretty flexible.

Can you work from photographs?

Yes, especially for special commissions---Please see the "Gift Caricatures" section. It helps to have several clear photos, ideally showing the person from different angles.

Do you draw dogs/animals?

Yes, I've worked several dog-based events in my day, and it can be done. Some dogs are more cooperative than others. I've never been invited to a cat fanciers' convention though, I'm not sure if that means anything or not.

Can I get the event name or my company logo printed on the paper?

Yes, for an extra $20 I can set the text up and print it (b&w.) If you have a logo, I would just need a decent resolution image file (a TIFF file is recommended, but others may work.) If you need it printed in color, I would have to find out the details and give you a quote.

Can I have this drawing of Justin Bieber?

No, I'm using it as a sample and it's my only copy.