Random Party Caricature

Lots of caricatures I draw at parties I never see again, but this one happened to come back to me---the subject of the drawing wanted to add a "baby bump," so she sent me a scan to have it modified.

Anyway it's a good sample of the quick, sketchy style I use at events.

Turtle sketch

This was going to be used in a logo for a custom car shop, but things ended going another way. Still I thought it was kind of a fun or neat image.

Party sketch style caricature

Here is another recent commission. This was drawn in a quick, black and white sketch style, similar to what I do at parties (though a little more detailed, working from photos.)

The actual size is 11"x14".

Price for this style of piece: $50. (Add $20 for each additional person.)

Please contact me if you are interested in custom art, or have questions about the process, rates, etc.

Retirement Gift Caricature

Here's a recent commission I did that had some fun elements to draw:

Wedding Invitation Caricature

This image was used by a couple for their "Save the Date" cards:

Graduation Caricature

A recent commission given as a graduation gift:

"The Peanut Place" logo design

A recent design I worked on for Birmingham's old-timey source for roasted peanuts, down on Morris Avenue:

(These were some different color options considered, but the version on the left was ultimately used.)

Get a Quote

I can be reached most easily by phone or email (see contact info at right.)

For parties or events:

Please provide the event date, location, and hours needed.
(Or as many details as you can, if it's undecided.)

For commissions and custom art:

Please provide a general description of your project.
Details such as the size of the piece (if it's a piece to be framed) are especially helpful.

For emails, I try to get back with a quote or response within 24 hours.

Magazine & Website Illustration

Freelance illustration projects I have worked on include:  a series of jokebooks; a series of game & puzzle books; various yoga/exercise books; a fully painted children's book featuring the biblical story of Easter; and much more. I have also done work for UAB Magazine (a local university publication) and Birmingham Weekly (which morphed into Weld, I think.)

I often work in a cartoony style, but can adapt to other visual modes as well, so just ask if you have something else in mind. Please call or email if you have questions or would like a quote.

T-shirt Art

If you need custom T-shirt art, please call or email today and we can discuss your project.

Below are some samples from work I've done for high school homecoming games (note- this is just the black and white art; color and text were added later by the printer.)

But of course, any sort of project is fine --- family reunions, company events, other school functions,or whatever your particular T-shirt needs are.