Yes, my last name is really "Rocks." :-)

I know you were wondering, because, even though it's not on the official F.A.Q., that really is the most frequent question I am asked.

Photo of me drawing caricatures at the BJCC around 2008 probably. (Photo by my fellow caricature artist Ed Abernathy.)

Anyway, what you should really know is that since 2008 I have worked scads and scads of parties, and can make yours very fun and enjoyable too. I have worked events of all types and sizes, from small private parties to large corporate events with hundreds of employees and their families. Mostly I work in central and north Alabama (Montgomery, Huntsville, and Birmingham), but I can and do travel further as well.

As far as custom art and freelance design or illustration, since the early 2000s I have worked on multiple published projects, including for regional book and magazine publishers (such as Books-A-Million's BAM! imprint, and UAB Magazine.) I have also done many T-shirt designs for an Alabama screenprinter. From time to time I get work from private individuals looking for unique gift ideas, as well.

I attended Mississsippi State's art program for several years, but am largely self-taught as well. I grew up in the 80s loving (and copying from) MAD Magazine and comic books.

Please call or email me if you have any questions, to get a quote, or to discuss your project:


Tim Rocks