UAB Mag. Illustration of Marvel Comics writer

UAB Magazine's current issue features an interview with Jason Aaron, a Marvel Comics writer, for which I drew this illustration.

Aaron attended UAB (the University of Alabama at Birmingham) before going on to work for the famous comic book company. My assignment was to draw him with the arms and legs of various characters from the titles he has written -- thus we see Hulk legs, Thor arms, etc.

Here are the pencil and ink versions:

Squatch Kick illustration

This image was designed to be the entry page for a website called

The site provides advice and a forum for project creators seeking crowdfunding (such as via the famous Kickstarter website.)

The design is supposed to suggest that there are many pitfalls creators must watch for, and that the "Squatch" -- mascot of the site -- will aid you on your journey (even if he is a bit gruff and tough.)

To view image at full size, right-click and choose "Open in new tab."

Here it is in black and white:

Happy Customers

I drew these two future superstars at an event at Regions Field recently. Thanks to Anna (on the right) for sending me the photo to share here on my blog.

If you're wondering why Nick Saban is included in their drawing, that was part of the "Rivals for Wishes" Auburn/ Alabama theme of the fundraiser. So the paper had been pre-printed with each of the head coaches, and those being drawn could take their pick.

Caricatures from Photos

If you are looking for a fun and unique gift for somebody special, a caricature suitable for framing might be just the thing.

It's perfect for birthdays, retirement celebrations, special anniversaries, and much more.

Customize with the recipient's hobbies or favorite sports teams, company name, or special in-jokes to make it the hit of any gathering.

To view at full size -- Right-click on the images and choose "Open in New Tab."

Logo Design

This is kind of a funny sample selection (below), but it will have to do until I can dig through my computer and find more that I have worked on.

Anyway, if you have a small business or other need for a logo, please call or email to discuss what you are looking for. I find logos to be an enjoyable challenge, and strive to make each one unique, clear and professional.  

The first three are for my supposed comic book imprint:

This was for somebody's band. The lettering and design are hand-drawn.

This one was for a barbershop/ homage to Air Force One. Pretty hilarious...